Chris Caple MSc Front End Developer

Front End Developer with Agency, Freelance and In-House Experience. Strengths in interpreting technical and content requirements into creative ideas, whilst considering; User Experience (UX), Branding and Responsive Design. Knowledge of Multi-National eCommerce platforms and marketing Local Businesses. Highly motivated to learn new technologies.

Career Achievements


  • UI (User Interface)10+ years
  • UX (User Experience)5+ years
  • Accessibility Standard: AA5+ years
  • Maintainable / Reusable Components5+ years
  • BEM (Block, Element, and Modifier)4 years
  • Responsive Design / Browser Testing10+ years
  • HTML5, CSS3 (+ Sass)10+ years
  • JavaScript: ES6 / Vanilla (+ jQuery)
    Awareness of React / Vue.js / TypeScript10+ years
  • Module Builder: webpack4 years
  • Version Control: GitHub / Sourcetree4 years
  • Task Runner: gulp.js / Grunt5+ years
  • PHP810+ years
  • MySQLi (+ AJAX/JSON) / Craft CMS10+ years
  • WordPress (+ Custom Themes)5+ years
  • Adobe Suite10+ years
  • Branding10+ years
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing)
    Excellent Communication Skills10+ years

Career History

Company: Bitten Spider

Gaps in employment covered by various freelance projects, Key Highlights:
  • 2021 - 2022, All Projects: Consideration to High Contrast themes, Reduced Motion and CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift).
  • 2017 - 2020, Festival Project: Changed livery (Custom WordPress theme). Reduced (2020 vs 2019) sitewide Bounce Rate (to 5%) and unnecessary enquiries (by 50%). Doubled (2019 vs 2020) competition entries.
  • 2010 - Present, Restaurant Project: 2015 worked on branding for their 25 anniversary.
  • 2010 - 2014, Hotel Project: Created custom MySQL CMS with UI consideration for dyslexia.

Company: Nixon Design

  • Craft CMS,
  • WordPress
  • Shopify.

Company: Clarks

An Ambassador for Accessibility
  • Worked with the UX team to automatise Help pages.
  • Editorials (supplied to fit into Shopify templates),
  • Help pages (including the Size Guide),
  • Trade
  • MVT (A/B - Multi Variant Testing) using Monetate.

Company: Dentons Directories

  • WordPress CMS,
  • Magento
  • CodeIgniter with Bonfire.

Company: WHSmith


Company: Clarks

  • Used JavaScript to target HTML sections restricted by Episerver CMS.
  • Converted several key pages to be Responsive (320 pixels upwards).
  • Editorials
  • Trade .


University: UWE University of the West of England

Research dissertation topic:

An Investigation of Engagement Between Businesses and Consumers Within an Online Community: A Case Study of Giffgaff.

Most enjoyed module:

CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing).

University: Bath Spa University

Most enjoyed module:



  • Medieval castles,
  • Lego,
  • Batman (Christian Bale),
  • typefaces,
  • infographics.